Pronounced: i-am-uh

The International Association for Microanalysis (IAMA) was founded in August 1999 with the goal of providing educational resources to the forensic community to enhance the quality of expertise in the field of microscopy. Since the publication of the first quarterly IAMA newsletter in October 1999, IAMA has sought to inform and educate scientists trained in advanced forensic microscopic methodologies of the current forensic approach, research, and quality assurance techniques in the area of primer gunshot residue (P-GSR). Since its inception, IAMA's mission has expanded from its original focus of P-GSR detection to include all forensic microscopic methodologies.

IAMA has seen a tremendous growth in membership since its creation and now has subscribers throughout the United States and internationally.

IAMA is currently in the process of applying for not-for-profit status which will allow for the creation of a Board of Directors and a voting membership.