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IAMA has made it convenient for its existing members and new prospective members to make membership dues online using PAYPAL. Please click on the link below.

This is a service provided to exising members only. New members must complete a Membership Applications first: Membership


IAMA has expanded its focus from providing its subscribers with free newsletter publications regarding primer gunshot residue (P-GSR) to addressing all aspects of forensic microscopy in its newsletters to registered IAMA members. In order to create a membership registry, existing subscribers who wish to continue receiving the IAMA newsletter must complete a membership application. For prospective new IAMA members, an amnesty period will be granted regarding the required two (2) references from existing IAMA members. Until further notice, the substitution of two (2) references from any established forensic organizations will satisfy this requirement. The IAMA registration application forms can be downloaded below.

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Membership to the International Association for Microanalysis (IAMA) is open to persons of good character currently working in forensic science. The IAMA membership is divided into the following four classes:

A. Regular Member
B. Student Member
C. Associate Member
D. Distinguished Member

The candidate or member may be accepted into a class through application to the Membership Committee. The qualifications for membership in the five classes are as follows:

A. Regular Member:

  • Regular membership shall be limited to those persons who are engaged in forensic science and involved in furthering the purposes of this organization.
  • To be eligible for Regular membership, a person must have been a practicing forensic scientist and employed on a full--time basis in his/her field for a period of at least two years.
  • Only Regular members whose dues are fully paid prior to a business meeting shall be allowed to vote on any matters coming before the Association.

B. Student Member:

  • Those persons who are full time (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) students at a college or university, who are not currently employed as a forensic scientist and who do not meet the minimum requirements for Regular membership. Student membership will be for a maximum time limit of three years or upon graduation, whichever is reached first. Students may not vote but may earn points for attendance, workshop presentation or papers at meetings and contributions to the IAMA Newsletter.

C. Associate Member:

  • Those persons who do not meet the 2-year employment requirement of Regular member may apply to become an Associate member. Associates may not vote but may earn points for attendance, workshop presentations or papers at meetings and contributions to the IAMA Newsletter.

D. Distinguished Member:

  • The Distinguised Member class rewards a Regular Member's superior efforts in advancing the mission of the Association. Any member in good standing who consistently contributes to the goals of IAMA and maintains the integrity of his/her forensic area of expertise shall be nominated for this advanced level of membership.